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Vince LoCascio

Who the hell is Vince LoCascio, and why should he have a talk show?  And why is he a “Busy Guy?"

First of all, I am too busy to go into detail, so I’ll give you some ideas why.

One of my strongest passions has been to learn, and once I learn, I like to share what I have learned. One of my many other passions is people.

Being a Maitre’d for over 32 years in the Chicagoland area, you can not even begin to imagine the people that I have met and talked with.  My job previous to the restaurant business was working for the fine City of Chicago as a garbageman.  You would be surprised as to the philosophical teachings that old garbagemen have.

Anyways, the culmination of the streetlife that I experienced and viewing how the other half live has given me a view of life that some people will never see.  I have rubbed shoulders with people that come from all walks of life.  Rich and poor, young and old, famous and infamous, and on and on.  Which makes me feel comfortable talking to anyone from any walk of life.

My love for architecture took me on to be a tour guide for The Frank Lloyd Wright Studio in Oak Park, IL, and with the Chicago Architecture foundation.  My Italian – American heritage has brought me a great love and appreciation for Italian culture and the realization of what a great opportunity it is to be an American.  My love for listening and playing all types of music also opens up many avenues for me.

Small acting bits and being in a few commercials has also given me another perspective and one that should help with being a talk show host.

Anyway enough B.S.!  Just watch the shows and let me know what you think.

I’m Busy, I gotta go!