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“Busy Guy“ Vince LoCascio interviews people from all walks of Life.

While asking questions that Vince feels that you, the viewer, would like to have answered, he manages to add a little sarcasm. Everything from the author of a book about Chicago Syle hot dogs, to surgeons and entertainers. Vince covers it all.

So sit back and enjoy and don’t take it so seriously, Vince doesn’t.

And to quote Sonny from Bronx Tale:

Lesson 10: Nobody cares

Sonny teaches C that nobody cares. Nobody cares about anyone but themselves. You should do what you want because nobody cares about you anyway.

Sonny tells C that he shouldn't care about Mickey Mantle, because Mickey Mantle doesn't care about him.

Some people are obsessed with other people's opinion. Who gives a damn? Nobody cares. Take care of yourself -- no one else will.